a) To serve as a platform for Financial Inclusion, small business management, administration, and capacity development, in Nigeria with special focus on rural communities.

b) To empower low income earners to create wealth through business management, administration, and development activities.

c) To promote savings culture among low income earners, building there financial management capacity.

d) To provide financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills and training to enable individuals create and manage wealth through the application of proven wealth creation principles.

e) To provide a platform that enhances corporate governance, agro chain development, risk management, social advocacy, enterprise development and support.

f) To Provide credit, business management, administration, and development capacity to the economically active poor, including formal and informal self-help groups, individuals and associations

g) To Promote and monitor loan usage amongst beneficiaries by providing ancillary business management, administration, and development  services in areas such as record keeping and small business strategy.

h) To Provide loan disbursement services for the delivery of credit programs of government, agencies, groups and individuals for poverty alleviation.

i) To Provide business management, administration, and development training services to well defined groups of persons.

j) To improve food security, social welfare, the income generation capacity, health situation, and educational possibilities of poor rural youth and the physically challenged, especially women headed households.

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